Nigeria Is Falling Apart-The Failure Of The Buhari Governance Model.

By ThankGod UkaChukwu. ⁠⁠⁠The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) released the latest economic indices on 30th August 2016 and our foreig...

By ThankGod UkaChukwu.

⁠⁠⁠The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) released the latest economic indices on 30th August 2016 and our foreign reserve contracted by 2.86 per cent to $25.45bn coupled with -2.06 economic growth in the 3rd quarter of 2016. If an economy contracts in two consecutive quarters, that is recession, ours has contracted in three consecutive quarters. Simply put the economy is decreasing; production of goods and services are on decline. We are officially in a recession, the worst economic condition in 29 years. First, it's no longer news that oil price has plunged from a peak of about $100 to about $50 and that has impacted our foreign reserves. This has impacted on our capability to settle our international financial obligations. We cannot fund 6 month of imports given that we are an import-dependent economy. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), monies which foreign investors bring into the economy has also declined and Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI) which goes to our stock exchanges declined as well. News filtered in that Innoson Motors, our automobile pride which started production of automobiles within the last 2-3 years has stopped production because they cannot source dollars for import of car parts. Again, Aero contractors one of Nigerians largest airline has closed shop. It has been in troubled waters but has managed to navigate its way until these unfriendly economic realities of today finally killed it. The Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) has kept us abreast of businesses stifled by the harsh economic conditions which have been the status quo since 2nd quarter of 2015.

The most worrisome news is that 4.5m Nigerians have lost their jobs in the past 15 months. Now it's clear that Nigeria is in trouble. We are in dire straits. Nigeria is in the middle of a storm, tossed about; the ship of state is tantamount to be sunk by the waves of troubles that have besieged it. The trouble with the economy is real. Inflation, the general rise in the price of goods and services is at record levels. General prices have doubled both local and imported goods alike. While that of imported goods is easy to comprehend with exchange rate of over N420 to a dollar, it's not strange for local goods to follow the same trend because everyone buys from the same market. The man who sales palm oil and yam will have to buy groundnut oil and tinned tomatoes which are all imported or depends on imported raw materials to make and package. This is the Nigeria predicament as we speak. Fifteen months after Nigerians voted President Muhammad Buhari to implement a government of change; things have turned from bad to worse. While many of us expected this imbroglio, we didn’t think it will get to this new low and expansive scale. Given the antecedents of Buhari as a former military head of state and top bureaucrat heading the PTF and his foray in politics from the year 2000 until he was given the mantle of leadership in the most keenly contested democratic election in Nigeria, the first peaceful transition from a democratic government to another and more importantly, a transfer of power from a ruling party to an opposition, there was no way we could have avoided the present situation unless through an act of God. We were driving into a cul-de-sac and expecting the walls to give way as we got closer.

While we bemoan the poor state of our economy, it is imperative to ascertain how we arrived here after 15 months of Buhari’s presidency? Many have stated that some of us are armchair critics and that we are only experts at pointing out the problem without proffering corresponding solutions. They enjoin us to proffer solutions to the government but what they fail to come to terms with is what Chinua Achebe captured succinctly in a proverb thus: “a man who does not know where the rain began to beat him cannot say where he dried his body.” When he is looking ruffled and scattered. It is imperative to know how and when the rain started beating us. Those people unequivocally believe that we want Buhari to fail and that we belong to the opposition but they need to acknowledge the root and immediate causes of Nigeria’s woes, not just the root causes which have been with us since 1960.

But whatever is my reservation about Buhari, I want Nigeria to succeed, Nigeria is not Buhari, Nigeria is about over 170 million citizens who want a better life. For anyone who has watched the politics keenly or even from a far, it’s not difficult to provide a thesis on why the Buhari Governance Model has failed woefully till date. I will not dwell on Buhari’s past before he became president but will extrapolate why Nigeria has failed from when he took office on May 29th, 2015. The reasons I adduce which has been the bane of our prosperity and progress are: Failure of internal security and stability, unfriendly global economic forces, dysfunctional leadership and the president’s supporters.

Before I elucidate, note that given the four challenges, the second problem is a special factor but that alone isn't enough to get us where we are today, it requires an addition of any one of the remaining challenges or more to rattle the country to the extent we have now.

Recall that when power was transferred to the opposition and Buhari was sworn in, there was this eerie hush which beclouded the country. There was this uneasy peace. Everyone was expectant. We were all waiting to be bamboozled with policies to usher in a new era and an era of ‘change’ overdose; an era when Nigeria will take giant leaps of progress, an improvement on the previous administration. I remember I spent the inauguration day at Transcorp Hilton Hotel with a wealthy friend who is a son of a big shot in Nigeria. Over an expensive lunch, we discussed the tension and uncertainty hovering over the future of Nigeria. I remember seeing many heads of states arriving back at Hilton around 2pm and it was latter I learnt that Buhari abandoned them to go and pray as the inauguration ball was about to commence. That heralded the kind of leadership Nigeria opted for. Many of the president’s supporters shouted themselves hoarse that Buhari’s religion is far more expedient than his position as the head of government. Many heads of state were disappointed.

More so, within the first one month of Buhari’s presidency, he had overwhelming approval ratings such that have never been recorded in recent times in Nigeria’s history from his supporters and even opposition, I inclusive. Even those who didn’t vote him wanted to give him the benefit of doubt but after that first one month without the appointment of his ministers and no viable economic plan and policy framework, some became sceptical and impatient while others categorically disapproved of the sluggish, slow and lack of urgency to state affairs. I remember vividly economic experts invariably pleading for the government to come out with clear economic road maps. However, our president was on a frequent tour of the globe, and was searching for saints to make ministers six months after. There was no plan, even as a general, one of the areas people expected Buhari’s dexterity was in internal security and stability. Even in this area, he has fumbled. Here are the banana peels.

Failure of internal security and stability: The Niger Delta is akin to the private part of any human being, even though it is small compared to other part of the body; it is the part which brings forth life. It must not be toyed with. It is like a celebrity such as Ronaldo or Justin Bieber who is insured so that money can be generated from that person’s life or a person who owes billions of money, their death is something that creditors don’t want to envisage. The president came with this average mindset of a northerner taken to the extreme which expects the people of the Niger Delta to just be contented with whatever is given them by the federal government, the FG which has failed in its obligations to these people for decades since independence. Why they hate the Niger Deltans I still can’t fathom. Have a conversation with an average northerner; you will notice the contempt for a people that the natural resources from their lands have kept Nigeria in one piece. You will hear them mouth and squabble about the trillions that has accrued to the Niger Delta States from the FG and how they have wasted them. They will tell you the NDDC was given N700 billion in the past five years and they have not completed a project. They will not tell you how much the 19 states have collected without adding any substantial revenue to our treasury. They oppose true federalism and resource control and they opt for feeding-bottle federalism. They want the militants in the Niger Delta to be treated like Boko Haram terrorists. Nothing must happen to the oil installations and the people must not complain or agitate for a better life even if their region has been bearing all the golden eggs with which they are fed and are visited with environmental degradation at the expense of the entire country. That is why Buhari threatened to end the Amnesty program without renewal. A program which was a huge relief for the sons and daughters of the region. That is why funding was withdrawn or delayed for benefits and school fees of many who benefited from the program home and abroad.

Remember that the Niger Delta Avengers introduced themselves as mostly educated in Eastern Europe. When the government cut the budget for the Amnesty and in line with its corruption war, delayed payments for the beneficiaries, most of these young people were stranded all over the world. Some headed back to Nigeria. Again, some of the leaders of these Niger Delta leaders who were given pipeline protection contracts had their agreements revoked and some have been in a battle of wits with the state and the outcome today is better imagined than as we experience today. Those of us who wanted progress warned and warned but some stood with Buhari and said that the state must assert its might and power and should subdue everyone, even now, the army is on the ‘operation crocodile tears’ mission against all sound and wise counsel to desist from such unnecessary war. I will write about that another day. However, wisdom demands that you kill the fly perching on a scrotum with utmost carefulness else the result is better imagined than experienced. It is no longer news that the instability in the Niger Delta has reduced our crude oil production compounding the effects of the fall in oil price. Now Nigeria is in distress.

Up in the North East, Boko Haram insurgency is no longer news. But what is news is what I noted in my last write up, “Boko Haram war is a needless one which continues to drain our meagre resources that should have been channelled to developmental initiatives”. I will not dwell much on it, it’s a war that needs to end. From the interview Aisha Wakil, the lady who is called Boko Haram mother granted, it is a fact that these Boko Haram insurgents are their ‘children’, who they know. I expected Buhari and the Sultan to have used the past one year to reach out to these misguided elements through the traditional rulers and religious leaders in a well articulated, organised and extensive drive. Ending that insurgency and applying wisdom to the Niger Delta struggle will bring peace which is a prerequisite for progress.

Unfriendly global economic forces – Oil prices took a steep slump in 2015 and it did not just happen, it was expected. The United States which is the world’s oil glutton few years ago embarked on an expensive mission of oil production from Shale gas trapped in rocks through the fracking technology. While they were at this, many from the oil producing countries never believed they could efficiently deploy that technology to quell the ever rising price of oil. Some argued with me that since the cost of producing oil in countries like Saudi Arabia and Nigeria was lower than that of the United States that the fracking people will soon go out of business. Sometimes it’s incredible to hear certain flawed argument. They forget that the United States is a country where development are carried out at a significant pace, this is a country that have so much acquired advance technology that has taken it to the moon, produces complex machinery, builds aeroplanes, crafts complex military technology, heralded the computer age and many others enviable feats. It was a matter of time that their advances in fracking technology and electric cars make fossil fuel less relevant. It is quite flabbergasting that a presidential candidate and later president of an oil producing country had no plan in place to wage against the fall in price of crude oil. No visible and emergency economic plan to stem the deterioration of its economy in the wake of plunging oil prices. He wanted savings that he will just come and spend. Even 15 months later no one can categorical point to a few documents and state that this is the economic plan and policy framework of this administration. This and many more were symptoms of a dysfunctional leadership in the making.

Dysfunctional leadership –It is not a gainsaying to unequivocally state that we have an inept, ineffective, inefficient and incompetent leader at the helm of affairs. Those who he has selected (appointed to various positions) are daily compounding the already difficult situation. Just yesterday, our minister of finance after receiving the news of the recession tweeted that ‘recession” is just a word. Sorry Nigeria. That 4.5million people have lost their jobs is a word. That Innoson, our latest pride in automobile manufacturing is closing down is just a word. That Aero Contractors have caved in is a word. That many businesses are closing shop and some are relocating to other countries are just words. That Buhari has been de-marketing Nigeria is no longer news, a man who calls his countrymen criminals in foreign countries when he frequently jets out to. There is virtually no aspect of Buhari’s leadership where he has performed well, talk more of excellently. For instance, words from Buhari to the Prime Minister of Japan about how to deal with the Niger Delta militancy and Boko Haram insurgency according to Garba Shehu are: “Boko Haram terrorism is nearly gone and sabotage in the Niger Delta will soon be ended preferably through dialogue and if not, by force of arms.” Read the last phrase again, “by force of arms”. He wants to end one war and start another in his country. Who did this thing to Nigeria? In diplomatic circle, a president was telling his counterpart that he wants to plunge the most important and viable economic region in his country into armed struggle and war and then expect investments to flow in. The Japanese will just wait until he prosecutes the war and peace returns before our share of the $30 billion Japan plans to invest in Africa will be given to us. What does the president sniff that he cannot be talk and act diplomatically? Does our president take snuff? Some will call it brutal honesty” and I called it the words of a "fumbling jester" trying to be a president. Why not tell your Japanese investors that: “you will ensure that all peaceful means is used and the state is not planning any use of force, that you want to respect the human rights of your citizens and you expect your people to put the interest of the country first.” I really don’t know what gives Buhari the idea that he can threaten his way into peace in the Niger Delta. If he feels he can achieve his objectives that way, so be it. At the meeting in Nairobi, Kenya held few days ago, Prime Minister Abe headed to the meeting with Japanese investors. Now ask your Nigerian president how many Nigerian business people and entrepreneurs regardless of ethnic group went with him. He met the president of Toyota, did Buhari go with Elizade Motors and Innoson and other entrepreneurs in Nigeria, nothing less than 100 to meet these investors and interact.

When the head is rotten, what do you expect from other part of the body? It is in this country that we are pushing for grazing routes instead of ranches and Audu Ogbe is importing grasses from Brazil and I ask, what grasses has the cows in Nigeria been eating before the murderous Fulani herdsmen went on rampage. So all the soil and agricultural scientists in our country and the research institutes have not studied these grasses these cows have been eating and cannot grow them here in Nigeria. You have a Fashola who doesn’t know what to do about power generation and is saddled with three ministries that require three different and distinct ministers. We have 17 million housing deficit in this country and that is enough headache for one man. We have the worst roads in Africa and that is enough for one ministry. Power generation even needs more than three distinct ministers alone where one can take care of state and the other overseeing federal projects while the third who will be the supervising the other two. In all this ineptitude, what Buhari wants is emergency economic powers to set aside “extant” laws so he can turn our economy around. “Country people”, what this means is that for now, there’s no solution insight until you grant our dear president powers of a maximum ruler.

His overnight turned praised singers who lashed out at his policies last week have recanted and one of them Prof Soludo has turned around to ask Nigerians to support Buhari’s quest and allow him spend 20-30% of our GDP, in the region of N14-N19 trillion to give our economy a lifeline.Trust Soludo, after a conversation with the authorities and having been cautioned by the powers that be, he retorted in his usual bombastic and brash manner. Where are we going to get the balance of say N8 trillion of N14 trillion when the 2016 budget of N6 trillion is in jeopardy and cannot be funded because of issues in the Niger Delta and low oil price? So are we just going to print money? Will our external borrowers just hand us $8 trillion without stringent conditions? Seems we want to beat Zimbabwe’s record or are we contesting to beat the hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic (present Germany) in 1921? We currently service our loans with almost $2 trillion, so with that kind of expenditure which will come mostly from external borrowings, how much will now be used to service debt annually; the entire budget? They want to sell Nigeria, period. A government that has no clear development plan like China, on verifiable projects and plans wants to borrow quantum of funds and bypass laws. Come up with an economic development initiatives, with clear road map of how to establish say three refineries in the next three years, build rail line from Lagos to Kano, Lagos to Calabar, Lagos to Enugu, Enugu to Abuja Port harcourt to Abuja, Calabar to Maidugri, Super highways not less than 5, generate 15000 mega watts, 5 million houses, Onitsha and Kano sea and dry ports and then ask for such huge sums and some super powers and such spending will become clearer, viable and feasible. While we are at this, it is supporters like Soludo who are exacerbating the Nigeria dilemma. I will conclude this last part with the last major problem of the Buhari administration, his supporters.

The President’s Supporters-I remember what we heard during the electioneering campaigns. People were bold to say that even if Buhari presented a NEPA certificate, they will vote for him. They went to the extent of stating that if they saw him robbing a bank, they will still vote for him. That was the level of brainwashing, rhetoric and inconceivable skewed and twisted reasoning and overwhelming blind followership that Buhari receives. His loyal supporters worship him and give him this idea that he is infallible. Recently when South Africa overtook Nigeria as Africa’s biggest economy after our brief stint as the numero uno in Africa, supposedly knowledgeable people concocted the most ludicrous reasoning to ensure that they take away that glory which the previous administration was associated because of that feat. One of them, the head of Buhari’s new media one Tolu Ogunlesi refered to the economic growth under Jonathan as ‘film trick’ while Rotimi Amaechi from day one has been hammering that Ngozi Okonjo Iwuala ‘hid’ the recession during GEJ. Some will open their vocal cavity to tell you that recession is the real economy and that Buhari is resetting the country. With this kind of fanatic followers and a president surround by sycophants, incompetent political appointees, lack of innovative and efficient ideas from the presidency, no clearly defined economic plan, lack of strong policy framework, a party chairman declaring turning Nigeria around as an 'impossible' feat and the use of threat and force to secure internal security and stability, being etched in a prism of fathom achievements in 1983-85, why will Nigeria not go into recession.
When you add other variables like nepotism in appointments, the lopsided war on corruption, attempts to suppress freedom of speech, subtle interference in the opposition, dangerous power tussle in the ruling party, silence on religion motivated killings, failure to curb Fulani herdsmen killings, extra judicial killings of Nigerians who are trying to assert their right to self-determination and many more ills bedevilling Nigeria, we are racing fast like Usain Bolt to take a position as one of the top three failed states, we are currently ranked at 15 but with the Buhari Governance model, only God can save Nigeria.





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Welcome to Dare Lasisi's blog!: Nigeria Is Falling Apart-The Failure Of The Buhari Governance Model.
Nigeria Is Falling Apart-The Failure Of The Buhari Governance Model.
Welcome to Dare Lasisi's blog!
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