PROTOCOLS:  It is with due respect that I seek your indulgence to state ab initio that, it is not pleasurable for me to be here for the...


 It is with due respect that I seek your indulgence to state ab initio that, it is not pleasurable for me to be here for the task at hand, though a rare privilege.
Our Animal Agriculture has been brutally challenged by all manners of centrifugal and centripetal forces from both within and without the industry. The Dwindling Oil Economy has only helped to bring to the fore these challenges. Also, viciously challenged by inherent paradoxes of logic reversal, vis-à-vis problems and solutions, is our quintessential Association / Institute i.e. ASAN-NIAS.
It is agonizing, standing before my superior colleagues, many of whom are accomplished researchers, eminent scholars, lecturers, captains of the industries, Government officials, my Bosses, Bankers and Insurance Czars, contemporaries and of course some juniors, to deliver a ‘controversial’ keynote address.
Perhaps more challenging is the short time given to accomplish the task of navigating along the sea of “CHANGE”. Because of time constraint, I initially thought of shredding the NOTE and shattering the KEY and simply hand over the pieces for safekeeping, in the tradition of our policy papers gathering dust in the archives.
On the other hand, I considered the over-shattering, shredding and battering already done over many decades enough destruction and neglect. Hence, my picking up the challenge of attempting to mend the pieces, by exploring suitable STRATEGIC FOCUS that could be considered as our NEW – POSITION in an atmosphere of “CHANGE Mantra”.
Alternatively, I thought of collecting all available KEYS and handover same in a bunch, to counter-task your patience in jointly finding the last key of the bunch that could eventually open the door for our RE-POSITIONING.
I found the last option, though related to the first two, somehow attractive. Thus, recommending workshops on strategies for implementation of outcomes at future conferences will engender effective exploration of fertile plains within the strategic focus field of our operations, and help lift Animal Agriculture up from the abyss of relegation, neglect and indignation.
THE KEY WORDS: -- Agriculture, -- Animal Agriculture, -- Agribusiness, -- Economy, -- Oil Economy, -- Dwindling

THE NOTES -- Position, -- Re-Position, -- Features, -- Benefits, -- Consequences
To properly comprehend the importance of the above words, we must determine our current position – NORMATIVE; analyzing our past as barometer and compass for current and future – DIAGNOSIS. Projecting into the future – PROGNOSIS. C – PROGNOSTIC A – DIAGNOSTIC.
From the above, defining our MISSION and illuminating our vision will lead us to –TARGETTING, whilst the surfing of the vast opportunities staring at us from the prognosis and targeting will give the ultimate – STRATEGIC FOCUS as our new position.


The multi-disciplinary connections along the elementary “food chains” and the “value-chains” present an irresistible multiplier effect that must make all the negative…isms to yield way for positive…isms, to reduce to manageable levels, illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, malnutrition, diseases, hunger, destitution, militancy and insurgency to mention but a few.
In addition to Executive commitment, Legislative and Judicial backings are equally essential for protection and nurturing of the sector for effective and efficient competitive operations.
The art and practice (science) of cultivating the land.
Simply, the culturing of plants and Animals for the existence, and total being of human. Arguably the oldest profession since the existence of life. It used to be the mainstay of Nigerian economy before the advent of oil, and up to the middle of oil boom, now thought of as oil doom.
The country remain blessed with over 920,000 sq kilometers of land (mostly arable) and extensive water bodies suitable for aqua-culture, portable water, hydro-electric-power generation and irrigation purposes. Notwithstanding the current economic recession, the nation can still boast of reasonable capital resources, including the dwindling oil monies, for Agricultural development.
In Nigeria today, the population is nearly 180 million, over 65% of which still depend on Agriculture, and about a quarter of the population remained unemployed. The cheapest labor in the world is available in Nigeria. The truth however is the paradoxical killing of the dignity in labor, along with the destruction of our value system.
ANIMAL: Defined by Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary as “an organized being having life, sensation, and voluntary motion”, is typically distinguished from plant; which is organized and has life, but apparently no sensation or voluntary motion. It includes all domestic and wild animals, and comprises of lower animals that are below man, mammals and the brutish or sensual MAN is referred to as higher animal or homo-sapiens.
ANIMAL AGRICULTURE: Simply the culturing of lower animals especially the domesticated ones, by higher animal (MAN), for the higher animal’s existential benefits and total being (Enlightened self-interest).
AGRIBUSINESS: All businesses pertaining to Agriculture, including all manners of backward and forward integrations that ultimately confer benefits on mankind. From here, we can appreciate our existential importance vis-à-vis the earlier mentioned inter-disciplinary connections and economy in general.
ECONOMY: The management of a household; the administration of the material resources of an individual, community, or country. A frugal and judicious expenditure of money. For the purpose of this address, emphasis is on the impact of the management and administration of human and material resources on Animal Agriculture. Talking of fiscal and monetary measures.
OIL ECONOMY: The management and administration of our oil resources at both the Up-Stream and Down-Stream levels for the benefit of the overall well being of all component sectors of the economy.
“Growing less; wasting away; growing feeble, becoming degenerate, declining”, etc. if and when applied to our oil-economy. We are referring to the momentary shocks from accruable revenue decline in the oil sector leading to declared economic recession for the country.
It refers to the symptomatic drop in crude oil prices and unfavorable exchange rates as posited by the Federal Government. Like the proverbial ostrich, we seem to be burying our heads in the sand, pretending to be oblivious of happenings around us. The causative factors are not being put into proper perspectives, while the symptoms are being over-accentuated with propaganda. SIMPLY PUT, OUR REFUSAL TO TAKE CARE OF THE GOOSE THAT WAS LAYING THE GOLDEN EGGS IN THE 50s through 70s with crude oil money as energizer. The sun was intensely shinning, the forages available, labour in abundance, yet we went into slumber refusing to make our hays at the peak of the sunshine by diversifying. Hence, our current miserable, moronic and confused “Normative” POSITION.
Animal protein intake in Nigeria was grossly below the recommended 35gms / head / day by the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) and WHO (World Health Organization). It used to be status symbol of the affluent and elderly up to the early sixties to eat more protein, when the pioneering efforts from the Regional Governments, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, was given much needed support, consequent upon the market research outcomes by a pharmaceutical company – Pfizer Incorporated (Nig.) Ltd.
Compounded balanced ration was identified as a limiting factor to availability of quality and quantity of desired animal protein, to mitigate the scourge of malnutrition and attending health implications and health challenges. Thus, Pfizer Inc., addressed the problem from pre-disposing factors, to create the needed market for their drugs. Lesson 001 on diversification and value addition. The few hammer mills in the country yielded way for commercial feed milling operation, sometimes in 1957, due to the pioneering efforts of a New York based corporation, Pfizer International Incorporated.
The Nigeria Limited subsidiary, Livestock Feeds Ltd., later Plc. (LSF) was the only Agricultural based company world-wide within the corporation.
I was privileged to serve the company in various capacities from: Technical Sales Representative in 1980 to Area Sales Manager, Group Product Manager, and National Sales Manager in 1988, when I was drafted into political service as Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources, by the then Military Governor of Ogun State, late Admiral Muhammed Alabi Lawal (of blessed memory). Esteemed colleagues, the rest is now history. I later returned to the company momentarily as Business Development Manager, and much later as a Director, till Senatorial calling separated me once more from the company, but not from the profession I so much love.
At a time, we (in Livestock Feeds Plc. and other companies) spearheaded another political, but silent revolution through the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) and Commercial Feedmillers Association of Nigeria (CFAN), in which I was privileged to serve as Lagos State Treasurer of PAN, while my immediate boss Mr. T. K. Akinbami, (our Marketing Director) was National Secretary of PAN. I was also the company representative on CFAN. Many thanks to the vision of the then Managing Director, Alhaji Azeez Bello (fnias).
Both LSF and PAN became major sources of basic data gathering, such as: Animal population by types, National spread, and movements. Also the installed capacities for feed production, market shares by competition (Commercial, Government, Toll Millers and Ground mixers). Existing gaps were determined, for population, raw materials for feeds, personnel, etc. planning, to succeed with a clear vision and mission especially during the turbulent years of import license racketeering and SAP (Structural Adjustment Programmes).
My doubt for reliable estimates of such data in the country remains till date, even with our acknowledged Economic Recession. These are very critical to any meaningful planning, such as supply and demand of raw materials and other inputs, and market expansion in a depressed economy, where up to 53% of children’s death are said to be due to Malnutrition (milk, meat, eggs, other protein sources, vitamins and minerals deficiencies are the core factors in Malnutrition).
To worsen the scenario, research findings backed by FAO and WHO put limitations, on health ground, on some of the readily available animal protein sources. Among others, the likes of various cyanides (Tanin, Linamarin, etc.) in our grains and cassava, CHOLESTEROL in Eggs and Red meat, fell under heavy hammer of health challenges, especially of so called “rich-man ailments”.
The three killer diseases Hypertension, Heart-related disease and Diabetes were reported to be positively correlated to these animal protein dietary intakes.
Recent findings are alleged to be debunking the decades-old biases against cholesterol. The tolerable level or upper limit in the blood serum is being claimed to be more than 5 times higher than the current threshold.
To broaden the market for animal protein intakes, further researches are recommended jointly by Animal scientist and Medical councils (Veterinary and Human) to unearth the true position of cholesterol usefulness or otherwise in human systems. Ditto for other dietary limiting factors. The researches must be broadened to encapsulate other biases, such as cultural, religious, social or simply tastes.
As a nation, we have moved from one attempt to another at formulating and implementing a workable Agricultural policies. The activation and awareness creation of the fifties through sixties and seventies yielded positive results that made Agriculture, in general, our economic mainstay during the golden era, “until money became not our problem but how to spend it”, with the attainment of unprecedented prominence by the black gold.
Thereafter, from OFN (Operation Feed the Nation), Green Revolution, Import license rationing, DFRRI (Directorate of Food, Roads and Rural Infrastructure), NDE (National Directorate of Employment), ATA (Agricultural Transformation Agenda, current GREEN ALTERNATIVE, among many high sounding propaganda slogans, were foisted on us. But it has been wobbling and fumbling with Agricultural development, as lip services were paid, in the midst of all known NEGATIVE…ISMS, such as: Separatism, Authoritarianism, God-fatherism, Antagonism, Favoritism, Tribalism, Chauvinism, Nepotism, Sectionalism, Materialism, Racism, Opportunism, Isolationism and worse still Cannibalism to mention but a few.
The over-centralized federal structure, with no Central Government responsibility on ownership of land and yet the Authority over-centralized, coveted and jealously guarded exemplifies the worrisome paradox in our Nation. From Genesis to Revelation, Chronicle, Exodus, and Ecclesia (not in the Biblical sense but ordinary meaning), it has been and is still a tale of woes. Past gains and legacies were frittered away, current opportunities were gratuitously ignored. All POSITIVE…ISMS are being sidelined or scornfully despised. Patriotism, Intellectualism, Professionalism, Spiritualism, Synergism, etc. have no space in our LEXICON.
Civil and public officials fully contented with Armchair Agricultural practices in Air-conditioned offices, rather than on the field, sweating it out. They take labor and other logistics charges for granted in the recurrent expenditures, as if Agriculture is no longer business with profit motive but like social and charitable ventures. Benefits of inputs subsidies are cornered and appropriated by civil and political farmers to the detriment of bona-fide farmers. Capital expenditure and IGR (Internally Generated Revenue) are deployed at the whims and caprices of the “vantage” men at the helms of affairs. Timing of activities is of no essence for time-bound processes with known gestation periods and predictable activities. Bureaucratic bottlenecks lace every facet of activities, with the professionals looking helplessly, as initiatives are frustrated and sacrificed on the altar of known and unknown Negative…isms. The professionals that cannot beat them, join them in criminal and at best collaborative silence.
Thus keeping static, stunted, and crippled the potential development and growth envisaged from worthy researches, innovative efforts, extension drives, etc. All for pecuniary and vain gains inimical to the overall well being of the Nation.
Lifting a quotable quote, as a relaxative digression:
“We now live in a Nation, where:
· Doctors destroy health,
· Lawyers destroy justice,
· Universities destroy knowledge,
· Press destroy information,
· Religion destroy morals, and
· Banks destroy economy”.
-- Chris Hedges, 2016.
Hoping that, the about to be refurbished National Orientation Agency (NOA), becoming National Reorientation Commission (NRC), will be energized enough for the much desired attitudinal changes.
Now, the hen has come home to roost, the reality staring all of us glaringly on the face and the ECONOMIC recession finally admitted. A holistic view of all our past attempts to prevent the eventual succumbing to recession, necessitating the Agricultural Transformation Agenda and now GREEN ALTERNATIVE, must be taken, for synergical efforts that explore available opportunities. We must have targets, as we cannot capture in a single fell-swoop all opportunities at our disposal. Prioritization within a strategic focus and attitudinal changes that will defy our NEGATIVE…ISMS (restoring of our values, dignity in labor, reward for excellence, abhorrence of impunity and crass opportunism)’, Enthronement of worthy POSITIVE…ISMS – hopefully with the New NRC – (National Reorientation Commission).
The Agricultural Transformation Agenda, ATA 2012, may be a good beginning upon which the GREEN Alternative could be built upon.
Basic data of human census upon which all planning centres, along which other economic data and indices revolves, must be meticulously gathered, transparently analyzed and conscientiously put to reliable uses. Vision and mission on new policies (formulation and implementation), institutional building and financing structures must be patriotically pursued in a disciplined manner.
The food chain, must be balanced in such a way that the existence of component members are not threatened to extinction level. For example, emphasis on crop production (especially rice and wheat) must not be disproportionately skewed against other traditional crops and animal production, with life saving, enhancement from animal protein.

One wonders why the various barriers to animal protein intake could not be speedily broken with Information Technology, Credible Research Outcomes and Extension Services that will promote consumption, with much emphasis on children and youth. Advertorials in the form of social responsibilities by Government, media organizations, stakeholders in the Animal production and value chain industries, such as: “Go to work on an Egg”, “Chicken Drum stick ideal for the youngsters”, etc. “Laying bare the cost-benefits of balanced nutrition as against Malnutrition” and their effects on GDP / health management, productivity, performances in schools and workplaces.
Although, the FAO recommended minimum animal protein intake is 35gms / head / day for developing countries like Nigeria. It is doubtful if our attainment has ever crossed 15gms / head / day. Even the most basic life-saver, immunization for children, is still being funded by foreign donors to nearly 100% level. Malnutrition scourge is responsible for up to 53% of our children’s death annually according to recent reports.

 The big question is WHERE THOU OUR FUTURE?

A future that is well planned, as it is often said that, “he who fails to plan, plans to fail”.
Beginning with reliable DATA gathering by both public and private sectors, the likes of American Soyabean Association, and American Grains council provide American Government with reliable data estimates on Animal production and products. In the absence of reliable data from Government at all tiers, one expectS the producers of raw-materials, end-users, suppliers and other stakeholders to make efforts in meeting up with the challenges of dearth of reliable statistical data. For example, in the 80s and 90s, the data on poultry generated by Livestock Feeds Plc. and Poultry Association of Nigeria were about the best estimates in the country. The economic vagaries and huge cost of gathering such information confer no tax benefits on the relevant companies and Associations, but rather being used by Government negatively during disease outbreak and for tax purposes. The attempt tend to mull the cooperation hitherto enjoyed from the poultry farmers in disclosing their status in respect of the much needed statistical data build up.
Dear colleagues, the feeble attempts to give Agriculture deserved prominence is not only leaving Animal Agriculture behind, but actually crippling the sector from both the Public and Private sectors activities.

The gains from immediate past break-through, to professionalize Animal Science or Agriculture are being viciously reversed in the public sector. Also, the gains in the private sector are being systematically destroyed. Business are now run at great loses, as prices of inputs soar, the selling prices of products are plummeting to the consternation of poultry farmers. The same scenario played out on sheep and goat as seen last week during the Eid-el-Kabir festival.
Many farmers are now folding up as the purchasing power of the consumers is terribly eroded. Our policy summersaults continue to leave our uncompetitive economic space bare, unprotected, for continuing violation / abuses / assaults by foreign goods and services, as well as, the so-called foreign investors. Our local pseudo-investors are not helping matter, as their parasitic, rent collection and mostly unpatriotic capitalism mentality further hurt Agriculture in particular and our economy in general.
Currently, the Economic Emergency Power being rumored in Government quarters is too broad and dangerous in an undisciplined economic culture as Nigeria, where head or tail our pseudo-investors keep winning handsomely and getting away unmolested with impunity, the destruction of our economy. Their deadly, uncontrolled incisions to the jugular veins of our economy contributed in no small measure to the recession we have found ourselves, which could lead to depression, if deterrence-motivated punitive measures are not immediately deployed.
Rather than seeking for omnibus economic emergency, we should rather deploy state of emergency declaration on 4-critical centers. They are Energy generation and supplies (electricity, oil and gas); Education, Agriculture and of course Niger-Delta issues resolution.
The multiplier effects of our genuine efforts at these 4-critical centres are bound to lay a solid foundation in bringing us out of the current recession.
Zeroing in on, Animal Agriculture Re-positioning in a Dwindling Oil Economy; therefore, you will agree with me that a multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary debatable approach is required. Due to time constraints, you will permit me to merely highlight some of the approaches that are inexhaustible, simple but at the same time complex, under the centrifugal and centripetal forces.
Thus, starting from a thought – provoking submission by Olatunji Yusuf (a.k.a. Baba L’egba) in a track from one of his evergreen albums, in quote… “L’oju ewure bi k’alapata o ku, nwon a ma muu, nwon a ma yan, loju agutan bi k’alapata o ku, nwon a ma muu, nwon a ma yan, l’oju awodi oke, bi ka ko adie re apata, nwon a maa muu, nwon a ma yan…” literarily translated as “…in the imagination of sheep and goats, the butchers should perish, so that they will have unfettered freedom to living and unlimited rejoicing; also, in the estimation of the eagles / hawks in the sky, the chicks are to be displayed on bare rock with no hiding place, so that they can be rejoicing and unlimitedly satisfied…”. A comparative selfish motives inherent in both the oppressed and the oppressors across board.
Though ASAN-NIAS are still at infancy, compared to other long existing bodies, the quotation above is instructive. Also, the following Yoruba proverbial expressions may be very apt in describing our lots.
(a) A tree that attracts ceaseless stone throwing from the children, surely has benefit to confer on them”.
(b) “It is the hidden kolanut pod that stays on the parent tree till maturity”.
No doubt our ASAN-NIAS presents and holds so much HOPE for the future of this country as bailout dossier for the dwindling oil economy in very many respects. Enabling ASAN-NIAS requires strategic management to navigate them safely through the murky water of the centrifugal and centripetal forces.
Our lot is comparable to the tissue cell under osmotic pressures that must mandatorily go placid to bursting / breaking point if under centripetal forces or flaccid if under centrifugal forces respectively.

Though debatable, it is worthwhile periscoping the forces as they affect our repositioning vis-à-vis the idiomatic and proverbial expressions above. Hence, following lenses:
The Animal kingdoms are unique and sometimes described as “best organized” e.g. Termite Kingdom and their typical structure and application of division of labor. Also, very caring and loving as in many mammals caring for their offspring till weaning, such as licking the wet and bloody offspring post-partum till all post partum wastes are removed and the offspring guided to milk and protected till weaning. What of the Avian kingdom, typified by the mother-hen, with exceptional planning, hoping, enduring, self discipline, self deprivation, defense intuition; from preparatory to laying, laying, incubation, sorting of viables, hatching, protection, guided feeding, provision of warmth etc. to weaning.
Surely, ASAN-NIAS Re-POSITIONING must effectively and efficiently borrow a leaf from these Animal kingdoms for the accomplishment of the tasks at hand.
Hence, the examination of the other LENS:
· Other related institutes or Associations competing for the Scarce Resources:
Human Wants and Means of Achieving them in Elementary Economics. Understanding the basic tenents of scale of preference and opportunity costs to give true meaning to prioritization and judicious deployment of resources.
· Veterinary Council:
The ASAN-NIAS being the epicenter of the centrifugal and centripetal forces of which the Vetenarians are one bloc of the indispensable essentials; understanding, shared respect for each other, National interest and Patriotism must be deployed to achieve the desired synergism. Even at the operational level, we are becoming more dependent on them, as they foray into animal production field with reckless abandonment. The denial of their right of place in the society we live-in, compared to more advanced countries where all relevant animal rights are protected and Veterinarians are indeed king like the human Doctors, makes shifting of roles and responsibility explainable, understandable and should be accommodated with love and affection.
Now, we have proprietorship of indigenous Animal Agricultural Conglomerates like Amo-Bygn and Animal Care with Veterinarians as brain behind. This is seizing the initiatives right in front of our noses, while we remain risk averters. This is in addition to their monopoly of Animal health care services and usurping the commanding height of Animal production policies making (if any at all).
Also, we have Accountant as Managing Director of Livestock Feeds Plc., hitherto, it was pharmacists at the helm of affairs and many more. No qualms, once our collective mission and vision are the same, justice-able and patriotic. The truth is that none of these other professionals will tolerate such incursion, usurpation, encroachment and outright attempt at annihilating the profession whose core activities and responsibilities is the main reason for other professions existence within the structure. All tiers of governance and the private sector must take judicious notice and do the needful to give what is Czar’s to Czar.
Animal Agriculture, neglected in preference, albeit erroneously, for crops. Lip services paid by all tiers of Government to Agriculture in general, over the last five decades, as the last key of the bunch to open the door for economic prosperity and meaningful livelihood. It is very convenient to use Agriculture as the weeping baby with despicable resource allocation of between 2 – 3%, consistently for many years, as our annual National budget to Agriculture. Even after the 2003 Maputo declaration, recommending minimum of 10% for 5 years till 2008, the situation remained with paltry sums, barely enough to address the Agricultural needs of farming communities in five (5) Local Governments of the 774 LGAs in the country.
This is in respect of minimum basic necessities of life conducive for youngsters attraction, relocation and retention to / in the farming communities to stem the continuous Rural-Urban migration. Federal Government with no statutory claim on ownership of any stretch of Agricultural land, covets the lording it over by over centralizing Agricultural issues, like in many other sectors.
Though, a different topic for another day, ignoring the call for the Re-structuring of the Nation, that is being mischievously confused with diversification, that led us to where we are, could spell our doom as a Nation, if we fail to listen to the voice of reason.
The negative…isms thrives and blossoms in Government cycles, culminating among others, in Animal science having only one Research Institute, while the crop sub-sector boast of many, which are of course poorly funded.
We forget too often that a Nation that cannot feed herself cannot be said to be truly independent. The various ‘policy summersaults’ derives from selfish, parochial, sectional, tribal and political considerations of the ruling elites in government.
To worsen the situation the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary are often not on the same page when it comes to the enthronement of positive…isms and discouragement of negative…isms. No wonder it has taken a John Kerry, American Secretary of State to come and teach us the harmful effect of corrupt practices. Hear him out, in the Punch of August 24, 2016: Corruption costs Global Economy $2.6 Trillion (Dollars) yearly. Going further, he said “corruption is not just a disgrace and a crime. It is also dangerous. There is nothing more demoralizing, more destructive, more disempowering to a citizen than the belief that the system is designed to fail them, and that people in position of power, to use a diplomatic term, are “CROOKS” – Crooks who are embezzling the future of their own people”.
Shame! Shame!! Shame!!! on all of us, the Leaders and the followers, the professionals and the artisans, the traditionalists and spiritualists, the Civil, Public and Private Servants, etc. We have jointly failed the Nation and we must rescue her together.
Corruption is beyond stealing of public funds, it extends to all negative…isms, professional misconduct, refusal or blockage of restructuring that will enable components parts to work at their programmed paces without the slowest link aborting the whole process, distortion of master plan, misapplication of resources, padding of budget, killing or sabotaging joint ventures and partnership that denies us the gains of team work. Even acceptance of derogatory tags, such as West African Dwarf, instead of something positive like – West African Delicacy, as the identification for our indigenous sheep and goat is also corruption and criminal connivance against our future.
· Raw Materials and Input Suppliers LENS: From land tilling to crop cultivation, their processing to packaging for market, the ultimate is the profit motive, with maximization as GOAL.
· Processors and Value addition Chains LENS: The motive is essentially similar to the raw-materials and input suppliers but differ a bit with Technologies deployment. As laggards, development countries including Nigeria often adopt new technologies belatedly, more distressful at the threshold of the Technology obsolescence leading to resource wastefulness.
· Other Stakeholders LENSES: These will include, but not limited to; Media, Records and Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Storage, Middlemen across value chains, Human Health Provision and Nutrition. Since every behavior is a motivated behavior, mutual respect, understanding of benefits propelling manifested enlightened interest of all the stakeholders must be our watchwords.
The hate campaigns among interrelated disciplines, jealousy amongst professional colleagues, blame games and isolationism across board must be stopped forthwith. To be replaced with:
· Autonomy for Research Institutions, placing them on commanding height pedestal (Indian experience).
· Dignity in labor must be restored, excellence rewarded and indolence despised and also disciplined as deterrence, without fear or favor.
· Exploitation of comparative advantages; ecologically by zones, culturally by tradition and natural affinity or preferences, etc. This is to avoid sending potential investors on wild goose chase.
· Banks should be made to be more patriotically, economically and socially responsible and responsive. Their motives must not just be the bottom-line but overall well-being.
They must come to reality on the GESTATION periods on investments, de-emphasis cash-and –carry commodity business by being a true energizer / builder of our Economy (Chinese experience).
· Promotion of our natural endowment and indigenous production, by media and other I.T instruments, as to make our preservation methods, flavoring, etc. put our smoked fish, shredded chicken, beef and mutton parts, isi-ewu, yoyo fish, kilishi, etc. special delicacies, comparable to Norwegian stock fish with substantial foreign exchange earning potentials despite the collagen content being of no biological value. Please, let our hide and skin industries compete justifiably with our ponmo (hide and skin derivative delicacy). Then, our snails, isi-ewu, suya and kilishi should be given promotion and prime cultural values they deserve.
· The need to make production and value addition ALL-INCLUSIVE, at least for now, cannot be a misplaced option till professionalism assumes its expected commanding position and matured over time. Currently, either due to risk-aversion phobia or lack of capital and adequate motivation, many Animal Scientists are still outside the production and value addition chain. The risk takers from other professions are taking the leap ahead of us. Let us encourage more Animal Scientists to join the production sector as we continue to support the existing outfits professionally and patriotically to reduce the scourge of malnutrition, retarded growth (mentally and physically) that may continue to impact negatively on our future as a Nation. Whatever could be done to put more animal protein on the table at affordable, respectable wholesomeness and quantity must be done in collaboration with current and potential stakeholders.
· Whilst upholding the ethics of professionalism, nothing precludes a workable partnership on Agricultural ventures with Veterinarians, Animal Health Technologist, Medical Doctors, Accountants, Media Experts, to guarantee the best grammes of animal protein intake for our teeming population.
· Let us set up a committee to study, review and harmonize the various Acts establishing our NIAS, Veterinary Council and other relevant professional bodies. We need to appreciate the common aphorism – that where the ‘right of one man ends, another man’s right begins’ and “united we stand, divided we fall”.
As a matter of priority, deriving from my experience and other colleagues in government, and of course our former President, OBJ, with modicum of listening ear and well-disposition to Agriculture, we should all embrace and get involved in policy making and execution. Succinctly put, get involved in politics for our efforts to yield positive results within the strategic focus field.
It is the people that play politics that are dirty and not politics as vehicle for development and growth.
· Let us deploy marketing concept and strategies to tame our Taste Buds. A re-adjustment in our consumption of foreign goods and services, especially as it concerns animal protein intake is essential for the realization of respectable positioning. Customer obsolescence is worse than Technological obsolescence.
Finally, along with other related discipline and sectors, let us join hands with all to promote “UNITY IN DIVERSITY” AND NOT “DIVERSITY IN UNITY” as currently is the case in our country.
In togetherness we can make our dear country self-sufficient in food, industrial raw materials and export commodities. With purposefully planned Agricultural development, especially Animal Agriculture, the Medical Doctors will have reduce challenges from malnutrition, balanced diet will ensure resistance to all diseases, our GDP will have continuous leap and positive growth, unemployment will be reduced to the barest minimum.
It’s going to be prosperity all the way and life more abundant once more. Lesson learnt, corrections made and our future assured and guaranteed with vibrant, resourceful, innovative, patriotic youths, ready to take our Economy and the Nation to the next level.
Wishing you all happy deliberation and result-oriented outcomes at this 5th Joint Annual Meeting Conference of our Association and Institute.


Animal Agriculture Economic Analysis (2000 – 2010): A Report prepared for United Soyabean Board, July 2011.
Agricultural Transformation Agenda: Repositioning Agriculture to Drive Nigeria Economy, 2012 by Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, Hon. Mister of Agriculture and Rural Development, November 2012.
Liam Downey (June, 2015): Agri-Food Industries and Rural Economies Competitiveness and Sustainability; The Key Role of Knowledge.
Prudence Agricultural Economics Report: Outlook for the Agricultural Economy in 2016, December, 2015.




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