BY ADEROGBA ABIOLA  CCTV footage of the fraudster, Fagbemi Olaifa, making withdrawal from ATM Have you seen this man Olaifa Fagbemi aka ...

CCTV footage of the fraudster, Fagbemi Olaifa, making withdrawal from ATM

Have you seen this man Olaifa Fagbemi aka Fadeyi? Do you know him or have met him before? Be careful and be warned about him! He is the pointsman and arrowhead of a syndicate of fraudsters operating within AKUFO/Ibadan Metropolis. Some victims’ source also informed that he has links with Ile-ife, Oshogbo and Ogbomoso. He is a wanted man by the Anti-Kidnapping and Fraud Team of the Nigeria Police Force HQ Ibadan.

He has relatives and criminal gang members called Faseyi and, Fatunde in AKUFO area, and he uses women also some of whom may be his wives or his accomplices’ wives. His modus operandi is diabolical and primitive but destructive. The name Olaifa Fagbemi aka Fadeyi, at least that much is the name with which he opened a UBA bank account in Bodija on the 3rd of March 2016 and he registered his BVN at the same location. He operated a UBA account number 2087218792 with BVN 22378920191.

He opened the account with fake address, maybe fake name but at least he took a BVN registration picture in Bodija enrolment branch 0514 and registered an Alert telephone MTN number on the account 08169823541, but he never enters the bank for any transactions but uses various ATMs around Ibadan, mainly Iwo road UBA ATM 1, 2 and 3, Idi Ape Junction, Ibitola Plaza, Iyana Church, Abayomi Layout, Monatan and UCH ATMs to withdraw cash systematically from proceeds of his criminal gang enterprises ( Please see picture of ATM withdrawals). He often siphoned every penny from the account using those ATMs. He is a dangerous fraudster who has destroyed lives and businesses of many Nigerian victims.

The sad thing is that he has used the same account domicile in UBA to defraud a number of innocent unsuspecting Nigerian citizens from the west, north and south to the east and even Nigerians abroad. Every one of his victims have one sad story or the other to tell about how he managed to defraud them of Millions of naira paid into his UBA account domicile in Bodija branch, Ibadan. Police investigation has shown that he and his syndicate have defrauded and obtained large sums of money running into about N250M naira from many victims by false pretence, intimidation, blackmail, threat to lives of family members etc.
Majority of his victims are too traumatised to come forward or write petition to the police and some of them said they do not have confidence that they will get Justice and transparency if they inform the Police and their lives and names may be at great risk and ridicule if they come forward publicly and report his activities because many of them are private, important and law abiding citizens who would rather want their names protected from undue publicity. That is the ingredient of the syndicate’s targeted blackmail and intimidation.
Fagbemi Olaifa’s BVN paper with UBA

His activities have managed to enlist victims who are Small and medium business owners in various cities in Nigeria, particularly Lagos and Ibadan, School/Academy proprietors in Lagos, Studio and Music Producers, Medical practitioners home and abroad, Lawyer in Lagos Ministry of Justice, Head of IT of a School and Information Management Consultants and Teachers in big schools in Lagos and Ibadan, Chartered Accountants based in Lokoja, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in Ilorin, Traders in Ibadan, Professor in our Premier University, Retired Accountants in Abuja and Ondo, Nigeria Prison Medical Doctor, Oriade Local Government Councillor etc. He has taken Millions of hard earned cash paid into the UBA account by various means which he will immediately siphon out via ATMs in cash systematically.

Reliable sources informed that between the day he opened the UBA account till at least January 2018, when the account was reported to the Anti-Kidnapping & Other Heinous Offence Police Team, as conduit for fraudulent withdrawals and it was subsequently blocked, he has received credits of over 38Millions Naira (See picture of Credit and debit balance) managed to siphon the same amount in cash using ATMs in different areas of Iwo Road, Ibitola Plaza Iyana Church, Monatan, UCH ATMs without the detection or suspicion of the bank officials, bypassing all the Bank Financial Intelligence and Anti-Fraud radar.

Reliable sources indicated that he does not let one penny stay on the account as he made all withdrawals in cash at lump sums of N20000 Naira ( See picture of Withdrawal snapshot from ATMs) several times and that he did with this UBA account without raising suspicion or attention of the Bank and the account officer or Relationship manager. This raises concern about how this could have happened in these days and age of BVN, increased bank surveillance and Anti-money laundering laws and software facilities available within the bank like UBA. It also raises questions as to whether his activities was aided and abetted by some insider who simply looked away while he siphons cash using the bank ATM/Account facilities. These are rhetorical questions but questions begging for answers from the UBA Group. Is this an isolated case or how many of such accounts are still domiciled within the bank that remains undetected?

It is still a mystery how he managed to escape detection and attract fraud prevention intervention before he disappeared with the proceeds of his scam leaving in his wake a lot of embarrassed honest Nigerians who have lost their life savings, investments, hard earn income and businesses destroyed and lives ruined in his toll. The question again is, what is he doing with so much cash in his possession and with whom is he sharing these proceeds of criminal activities? Until he is apprehended, these are issues that remain to be established by Police Investigations as he has disappeared into thin air, leaving no trace, phones switched off, possibly now living large with his loots in Lagos, or is he still based at his local Area of Iwo Road/AKUFO/Ile Ife/Oshogbo where he consults and operates.

There is now no doubt that he premeditatedly opened the account, using perhaps fake name and address solely to collect inflow of millions of naira from various sources who are his victims of the scam and dubious means with which he kidnapped the finances of the victims and raped their resources, he is very clever and taciturn as his victims reported that he claimed to be a Traditionalist and also have support and working partnership with some old women, he called his ‘Iya’ whom he uses their diabolical powers and voices to entrap his victims and intimidate them and extort huge amount of cash to be paid by force and duress to their chosen account.
He confidently operate like that with their support and so he believed his victims have not met him before, may never meet him or know what he looks like and he may never be caught and if caught he has a lot of faith and trust in his diabolical power that his ‘Iya’ will fly in to rescue him from police custody using their powers and spiritual capability, so he feels invincible and untouchable hence the reason for the brazenness in which he operates and defraud his victims. He may now be somewhere in Lagos, or Akufo where he may have some relatives or accomplices, living ostentatious lifestyle without any visible means of income or business.

This criminal business empire was founded by his Father who claimed to be a high chief (Oluawo) in Akufo, Ido Local Government Area of Oyo State. Reliable sources indicated that the old man died suddenly about 3years ago, but that also may be a diversion and maybe no one really died and they are all acting in tandem. In any case, the Olaifa Fagbemi has taken the business to another level since then working with various agents who pretend to be old wise women, sometimes they claimed to be witches and have supernatural power to see into people’s lives and predict things about them and they often uses the power to intimidate and instil fears into the victims while they extort and demand money for large sums to be paid to Olaifa Fagbemi UBA accounts or any of those other accounts from where he will withdraw them in cash.

He does not work alone, he uses different means of getting his victims, through threat to lives of families, blackmail, diabolical hypnotism, juju power as he claimed to be a Traditionalist (Herbalist) as his day job with awesome power and connection to the throne of Ooni of Ife, the revered King, both past and present. Sometimes he will offer unsolicited to connect his victim with the revered King as he often boast that he is one of those the King consults and he uses this and the involvement of these Old women, at least they often sound like Old women, aged, to validate his claim to such quarters and to entrap his victims or gain their confidence to listen and believe the accurate personal life circumstances his victims are and what is going on in their lives and business which he and the old women will explain in accurate precision which will then arrest the minds of his victims.

Once they get you, they then begin to control the finances of the victims by commanding victims to find money and send it by all means to anywhere and to whatever accounts they nominated. The victims are often hypnotised by them and lose control of their ability to rational thinking.

He works hand in hand with these old women who he enlist to deceived unsuspecting victims with their voice and claim to be old women with supernatural power who they claimed to be God’s given. They claimed to have power to be invisible, fly, see beyond human range of vision and ability to know the past, present and future of their victims which in most occasion they get accurate personal details of their victims lives and circumstances in their lives with which they arrest their attention and hypnotise them and then begin to extort money by threat of demands, fear, intimidation and promise of help and solving their personal difficulties. They even boast to have our prominent politicians and Yoruba Kings on their list of patrons who they claim they help to attain their positions in life. They will drop names of society achievers who consult with them for their personal problems and often they also derive their protections from them.

Some unreliable sources indicated that he collects this money in cash from these cash points and changed some to hard currencies, dollars and pounds, he buries them somewhere where he visits to take them when he needs them, and he often visits BDC to change currencies to naira to spend. He may not be operating any bank account directly anymore to avoid detection since his UBA account is now under investigation by the Police in Ibadan.

He often uses other people’s accounts sometimes to receive money or launder his money. He has used several accounts in the past. Some of the accounts used by him or his group are Afeez Ashiru First Bank account number 3041027717, Lateef Hamzat GTB account number 0035651038, Olawale Opadola Ecobank account number 1203005846, Olusola Omole Smith Union Bank account number 0041141439, Joseph Olalekan Daramola Wema Bank account number 0231152763, Epedure Aworinde Skye Bank account number 3026858768 and UBA account of Olaifa Fagbemi. Using these accounts over a period of times, his criminal enterprise has taken roughly about 400Million naira from various victims but the colossal loss to his victims lives, business, psychology, health, time, and personal lives is unimaginable, it is unthinkable, it is priceless, it is not recordable in monetary terms or cost.
These criminals have destroyed lives, opportunities, careers, ruined families and derailed people’s destiny by taking away money meant for career and personal professional or business development. It is callous, it is anti-social, it is criminal, it is wicked and it is brazen!

The main thing is that this man Olaifa Fagbemi aka Fadeyi who may or may not be resident in AKUFO, Ido Local Government area but whose banking and ATM activities located him to be active around Iwo Road, Abayomi Layout, Ibitola Plaza Iyana Church and Monatan area is a wicked fraudster who have ruined many people’s lives and businesses in working conjunction with these Old wise women of the night, who claimed to be capable of flying at night and day without anyone seeing them unless the people they allow to see them. Many of their victims are often arrested spiritually by these people and they gain direct control of their finances and demand money to be sent to them at any cost, even if it means the victims have to borrow, steal, sell belongings, sell investments or draw down savings and pensions. They do not care where you find the money or how you find it, they just want it from the victim and Fadeyi will withdraw it and only God knows what is their sharing formula. Sources and investigation revealed that none of their victims have met them, and every effort to meet them on request is often derailed by lies and excuses, hence the embarrassment the victims feel when they suddenly realise what is happening and they are unable to account for why they have parted with their huge money to these fraudsters.

Their mode of operation is often very clever and direct. Some of their victims are important people in the society, professionals, business owners, academic etc. They reach out by either sending an initial recharge card to the victim who out of act of honesty will return the card to the sender because they believed it was sent by error to their number, only to be placed in direct contact with the sender who will often be an old man or woman who will want to show appreciation and profuse recognition for the honesty of their victim.

They will use that to arrest the victims mind and attention and they will then begin to say things like a vision about the victims which are often personal and confidential and accurate to the situation of the victim or their experiences in life. How they know this so much and specific details is unbelievable and may not be unconnected with the Old women power or maybe they work with people who provide them with victims personal information.
This approach will often be met with shocking surprise that a random stranger and old person would know about their personal life so much and not only that will be offering incredible solution to it as a way of showing appreciation for being honest by returning a recharge card sent in error to their phone.
This is often the beginning of their scam and that is how they arrest the mind and finances of their victims and begin to control using every trick and diabolical means to get the victim sent them money, often lump sums of thousands of naira to their nominated account or accounts.

This is where their partner in crime, the man called Olaifa Fagbemi comes in with a ready account to give with which he collects inflows of millions from different victims in cash from these ATMs without visiting the banking hall and then after they have succeeded over period of months or years in draining the finances of their victims who at this time has never met them face to face or could know their whereabouts as they claim to be in different places at different times, they simply disappear and turn their phones off.

Sources from various victims also informed that other means of operating is by cold calling the victim either home or abroad as they have defrauded people living outside the shores of Nigeria by this same means, they will cold call you directly mentioning your name and often with accurate details about your family trees and your personal circumstances, and in some occasions these old women will claim to be capable of flying to anywhere in the world without border control or visa to access and they are capable to coming to harm the individual if they don’t pander to their needs and demands and often with open threat to lives of family and close relatives with capacity to cause sudden death of their victims by coming in while you never expected or they may on the other hand claimed to be capable of bringing solutions to their situation miraculously because they possess God’s given power and prowess which is unthinkable, they also claimed to have mirrors they use to monitor their victims activities and when they have money and what they are doing and if they are taking any steps to inform anyone or police about their activities, this they do to intimidate and scare their victims to submission and silence for the period of operation.
One wonders who solicited for their spurious criminal benevolence. They will claim they have done it for and on behalf of several important people in the society and that is the secret of their lives they only hold and they also often provide spiritual protection to them from harm and evil.
They will often boast of these immense power to engage the attention of their victims so that they become in awe of them and often fearful for their lives and that of their families.

The man Olaifa Fagbemi who will use his accounts to receive and collects money they extort against their victims wishes under immense duress, will often harbour these old people in his abode, sees them, share money with them, feeds them, claim to be on errands for them to locate materials they need for various things they may say they want for the purpose of extorting millions from their victims.
Their partnership is that of evil and destruction of lives and Olaifa Fagbemi plays a central role in recruiting members of syndicates whom they use from time to time to serve their purpose and defraud victims.

During their operations Olaifa Fagbemi aka Fadeyi, and these old women and men, will register and use different GSM numbers, usually MTN to perpetrate their operations and then after they have drained and ruined the finances or business of their victims they simply turn the phone off. Police will be unable to track the number or locate where its been used. However, the mobile technology and tracking system of today should be able to give some clues as to locations where the phones are being used or some information to pinpoint the criminals’ where about.
They then leave their victims with debts, misery, disgrace, devalued, suicidal, isolated, confused, dejected, defrauded, demeaned and financially wrecked and professionally defocused haven taken all means the victim has to advance the cause of their lives and take care of their needs and family.
Some of the MTN number used before are 08169823541, 08102858830, 07061986827, 07064630598, 08068911011, 07087835369 (Airtel), 08141880917, 08114762646, 09093320430.

The Nigeria Police needs to shut down this criminal gang of miscreants who have ruined lives and may be operating again as they consider themselves as invisible and untouchable.
Their identity is not clear but ATM CCTVs from the UBA withdrawals will shed a lot of lights into who they are and how they withdrew money from the account. The information is available within the bank and technology these days makes it possible to retrieve that information from the banks and investigate these criminal activities with a view to arresting and shutting down their operations.

Many of the victims have made payments against their wills into the UBA accounts and many of them are stunned by their losses in various magnitudes but what is not in doubt is the destructiveness and brazenness of their activities and also the severe negative impact on the financial and psychological health of their victims. These people are callous and cold and have no sympathy whatsoever.
They must be caught and the Nigeria Police needs to set up a manhunt for these criminals.
They need to work in collaboration with the public to fish out these people within our society and protect the citizens from being raped and defrauded of their hard earned cash. The Bank needs to consider more security and surveillance of their customers activities and identify suspicious operations or customers using their facilities for criminal and dubious means. Also, it is not out of place to consider compensation to the victims to redeem the image of the banks and integrity of their operations.


Do you know or recognise this face or names? Have you come in contact physically with them before? Your help is needed to fish them out. Do not cover them in your community; you or your relatives may be the next victim. Inform the police about what you know and help the police to find them. The victims who have been defrauded are all named on the accounts but they want their names confidential as many of them are professionals, family and business people who have not sought help or services whatsoever from these criminals but they have suffered the random misfortune of being victims of their criminal activities.
Please Nigerians, help the police to find them, help the bank to find them, help MTN to find them, help our society to be rid of them, help the victims to get justice and be healed of their misfortune.
Call the Police nearest to you for any useful information about Olaifa Fagbemi aka Fadeyi . Or contact any police station who will connect you with the Anti-Kidnapping and Heinous Crime Team in Ibadan who has started this investigation. Police will collaborate with different constabulary and region to work together to fish out these criminals as their victims span across Lagos, Ibadan, Oyo state, Ogun state, Abuja, Ondo, etc.
The Nigeria Police Forces and various Inspector General of Police, DIGs, AIGs of Local Zones, Commissioners of Police of States, Crack detective teams should work in tandem to identify these criminals, locate them and provide resources to the investigation team to crack these cases. This is another LAWRENCE ANINI in our midst! They cannot be allowed to profit and benefit from their destructive vocations of ruining Nigerians lives with whatever power they may possess.
Do not watch them spend money they never earned or earned from heinous criminal endeavours, if you have any suspicion about them and how they spend money or who Olaifa Fagbemi is, who may be living above his means, contact the police with useful information and the victims will be happy to provide rewards to anyone who supply information that will lead to location and arrest of this man and his syndicate so he can explain what he does to his victims’ finances and lives and how he gets the power to manipulate and kidnap their finances to the point of destruction of business and lives. NIGERIAN, WE DO NOT NEED THESE PEOPLE IN OUR SOCIETY! FISH THEM OUT!
Call the Police with Useful Information, your identity and information will be treated in absolute confidence and may attract rewards from the group of victims.

Aderogba Abiola, writes from:




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